For centuries Sherwood Forest has been at the centre of the U.K’s favourite stories and made famous for the legends of the beloved Robin Hood. It’s played host to stories of Robin Hood, his band of Merry Men, Maid Marian and the Sheriff of Nottingham. This ancient woodland has kept these legends alive and allowed them to grow in this magical surrounding.

Robin HoodBut, there is a new legend stirring, one that is cuter and fluffier…the legend of Robin Woof!

Robin Woof lives in the hearts and minds of the dogs and their owners that visit Sherwood Forest. He is their vigilante, their hero, their favourite legend. Why? Well Robin Woof steals treats to give to the good doggos! He also loves the forest and wants as many people as possible to experience the magic of Sherwood Forest.

Robin Woof would also like to let you in on a secret – Sherwood Forest is the perfect place to visit and there is something there for everyone!

First thing he wants you to know is that Sherwood Forest is exceptionally beautiful throughout the year. The amazing thing about this ancient forest is that it is constantly changing – from summer, to autumn, to winter, to spring – every time it’s different with new things to explore. The ever changing nature of the forest means it’s always the perfect time to go, to get muddy in the winter, to discover the wildlife in the spring, to bask in the lushness of the forest in the summer and to watch the forest turn to a beautiful orange during the autumn. Robin Woof especially loves going in winter, he’s a bit cheeky and when his humans put him on the extender lead he’s often diving in the first muddy puddle he sees, much to the amusement of his owners! However, he always loves exploring the forest, whatever the season; due to the constantly changing smells – and the sheer amount of them – his nose certainly gets a work out during his visits!

He also particularly likes visiting the RSPB Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, mainly because they give him lots of fuss and cuddles and Major Oak Woodland Festivalmaybe the odd treat or two! The Visitor Centre is dog friendly so you can wonder around with your furry friend and maybe even pick them a hat like the one Robin Woof wears! This Easter you can also bring your dog on the Easter trail they are hosting from the 6th to the 28th April – they can enjoy wondering the forest with you and discovering all that spring has to offer in the forest. Just remember that dogs must be kept on a lead around the visitor centre and in some areas of the forest to protect vulnerable wildlife – Robin Woof wants the forest to thrive for as long as possible!

Sherwood Forest is the perfect place for you to enjoy this Easter with your entire family, especially your fur babies. The ancient forest offers a day of wondering and exploring in the home of Robin Hood, with beautiful scenery, stunning wildlife and charming trails. This Easter, get out and about in Sherwood Forest and discover for yourself the legendary tale of Robin Hood and his loyal friend, Robin Woof.